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Welcome to the Apostolic Pastoral Congress’ membership application process!

This Congress is your link into mainstream European church life and to better establish your ministry in the land, wherever God has placed you. We provide training programmes for Pentecostal Bishops, Pastors, Armour-Bearers, Adjutants and Bishop’s Chaplains. There’s a special global conference every October, including special material for Christian Women and Female Ministers. As the leading registered Collegiate Collective of Pentecostal Ministers in the UK, with branches on 5 continents, we ordain those we train to all levels of church leadership every year. THE APOSTOLIC PASTORAL CONGRESS - THE DOOR TO YOUR MINISTRY DESTINY!

We are historical in origins, liturgical in sacraments, but always Pentecostal in our expression of church! Our constitution complies with Company and Charity Law in England and Wales. International affiliates of the Congress are bound by the laws of their jurisdiction.

At the bottom of this page, you will be required to create a temporary account for the purpose of your application using your name, location and email address. That will allow you to access our Statement of Faith and Belief as the first stage of your application. Please agree to the statement of faith and complete the registration process.

Please note that once paid, the registration fee cannot be refunded. Persons applying from nations outside the Western World can receive a discount, but once paid your registration fee cannot be refunded. Please do not proceed with this application process if you are not able to agree to that. You will need to agree to the statement of faith and belief to continue the application process and pay the non-refundable application fee of £100 plus any discount to which you may be entitled. You will then be taken to the payment page.

Once payment has been made, you then need to complete our membership application form. Each section is saved as you progress, but the form cannot be submitted until all required fields are completed. This application process requires openness, and honesty which is part of your assessment. Once submitted we will process your application. Be aware that your references may be contacted privately to give their opinion of your suitability.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and in broad outline, the minimum requirements for membership are as follows:

  • Undergraduate theological training to Higher Certificate, Diploma or Graduate level with an accredited institution, and/or at least two years of training as a working member of leadership under the discipleship of a Senior Minister (the Doctrine of that Senior Minister and their organisation must not be at significant variance with that of the Congress)
  • Good standing in a present position of church leadership at some level, with clear responsibilities and accountability
  • Good standing and active membership of a local church assembly