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Thank you for your interest in the Apostolic Pastoral Congress, a registered Collegiate Collective of Pentecostal Bishops, Priests, Pastors and other Clergy in the United Kingdom. Our staff have been working for over 20 years to provide specialized training and continuing professional development for Christian Ministry & Missions; including Ordination & Ministerial Accreditation.

We offer structured and informal Post Graduate training for Clergy from the entry level to the Pastorate or Priesthood, through to the Episcopal offices of the Presiding Bishop or General Overseer, according to your needs. Our training is Apostolic in the geographical, jurisdictional, historical and prophetic realms; crafting a contemporary Biblically Orthodox Christian Ministry.

Our courses combine Practical Theology with career development through covenant relationships, mentoring and apprenticeships; and as such, our training supplements the more traditional academic training of some other institutions. Our training is conducted through St Hadrian’s College Manchester, England. Our graduating candidates are ordained at a Eucharistic Service of Celebration, Ordination and Licensing, held at Manchester Cathedral here (Southwark Cathedral London in 2013).

At St Hadrian’s College you will receive a deeper appreciation of Apostolic teaching and traditions from the foundations of Christianity; and support to develop your own particular ministry articulation and Apostolic impartation, into a real contemporary relevance. Where appropriate, we offer you specific information about, and connection to Apostolic Continuity through authentic and verifiable “Spiritual Lineages” and heritages. Although we regard Apostolic Succession as a neither a pre-requisite of entry to heaven or for successful Christian ministry, we do regard it an honour to be counted in such lineages where this is verifiable.

In preparation for ordination and licensing, we also support candidates to complete various specialized training courses in relevant areas of their ministry. Our members are also offered opportunities for strategic networking, participation in organized ecumenical interactions and also take part in city/nation-wide and international evangelistic or revival events. Additionally, they receive help in working on their personal profiles and ministry projections for at least the next two years.

The Congress provides links into the mainstream of European church life through our corporate representation in Greater Manchester Churches Together, and Churches Together in England etc, as well as our close working relationship with the Anglican Diocese of Manchester, the Coptic and Ethiopian Orthodox Churches, and other historic English church bodies.

Contact us for any further information you might need. We wish you every blessing as you continue to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

For more details, contact
Head of Administration
Apostolic Pastoral Congress
St John’s Rectory, Railton Terrace
Moston, Manchester M9 4WE

We look forward to hearing from you!


Bless the Lord O My Soul!